27 Aug 14 at 12 am

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asker What is your favorite thing about college life?

nothing. absolutely nothing

college is a trap. halp.

all jokes aside, I really enjoy the freedom, the competitiveness in the field I study, and the organizations you can get involved in - they’re at a much more intense level of involvement regarding their particular purposes! 

Sometimes when I’m really sad late at night, I go to Wal-Mart and just walk around and I don’t really look for anything in particular but I always ask these late night employees where to find something that I’d like to get but don’t intend on getting and then we end up having such a happy conversation and idk, but just walking around at night. yeah.

26 Aug 14 at 1 am

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asker Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?

-backflips away from your spontaneous questions of my love life-


26 Aug 14 at 1 am

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asker How has living in the house been so far?

GREAT, my housemates are very very loud. 
and we actually do a lot of activities together! 


after they bury Michael Brown today

let us remember that the fight for justice is not over

please do not forget Ferguson

please keep Michael Brown on your mind, his family and friends in your hearts, and the city of Ferguson in your prayers

let us continue to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting for justice & peace

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For the longest time, the days without sleep naturalized itself until I could barely grasp the moon as it faded.

Days and days and days of time without any feeling of sadness, happiness, or even the frequent annoyance.

But now the familiar feeling of rage is returning, and it enters with warm, open arms. 
I haven’t slept for the longest time, but I’ve never felt better to start my day before lecture with a morning run.

Just like old morning practices.

25 Aug 14 at 1 am

Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker (1980)

This felt relevant

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"Hawaii once had a rat problem. Then, somebody hit upon a brilliant solution. Import mongooses from India. Mongooses would kill the rats. It worked. Mongooses did kill the rats. Mongooses also killed chickens, young pigs, birds, cats, dogs, and small children. There have been reports of mongooses attacking motorbikes, power lawn mowers, golf carts, and James Michener. In Hawaii now, there are as many mongooses as there once were rats. Hawaii had traded its rat problem for a mongoose problem. Hawaii was determined nothing like that would ever happen again…Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem."

21 Aug 14 at 1 am
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An ideal date would be a drive in movie. Since I have truck, we’d use the back to set up a picnic, and endless pillows would make it too damn comfortable.

Or roller skating, where the DJ really sucks but manages to convince everyone that they need to find a pair to couple skate.

Hell, I’d be so damn happy just to attend the Da Poetry Lounge in downtown LA. 

I’m tired, I’m emotionally vacant, and I’m just sad because the two people who were my prime example of love are separating and I’ve convinced myself that I’ll never know how to love because of this but in all of its entirety, I am loved daily, and love is reciprocated. 

Regardless, life is still good.

There’s this terribly wonderful attraction at Disneyland that I must always call out every time I visit with friends. It’s the ride placed at the very front of Tomorrowland - Astro Orbiter, and whenever I see this ride, I tap my friends on the shoulder and excitedly explain a heavy story that always ends with, “This is the ride where my mother told my father, for the very first time, that she loved him.” 

and for the longest time, I wanted a love like they did. 
I know you’re still digging up for what you used to have, Pops. Hang in there.

20 Aug 14 at 5 pm

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asker Wut is your last name


but I just go by Swan most of the time.
like the bird. 

18 Aug 14 at 1 am

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"To protect one murderer they’ll destroy a whole city."

17 Aug 14 at 4 pm

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"Written In Reverse (feat. Matthew Koma)"
Tiesto & Hardwell
A Town Called Paradise
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17 Aug 14 at 4 pm

It’s odd that death brings such an ambivalent but devastating realization:
that a strong majority of the people I see around me
on social media
on campus daily
are aesthetic as fuck.

maybe I’m just angry out of pure frustration about what I saw yesterday.
or maybe it’s just an epiphany that came at just the right time.

back to studying for my midterm tomorrow.

17 Aug 14 at 1 am
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I work in a free health clinic in Mexico on a monthly basis. The people are lovely, the patients are gentle, and nearly all of it is done under a generally calm state.

But today there was this patient, who was brought in under emergency conditions, a cardiac arrest. He entered the clinic and CPR began before he could even enter the doors.

Oxygen levels began at 88; the required amount of levels maintained in a human body is 99+. By 30 minutes, the oxygen levels were at 38. The EMT’s already called it at this time, but our doctor looked at them and said, “No, we’re going to keep doing this.” 

I suppose my biggest question for the doctor I work with was how he got up when it was over, still managed to look around at all of the students and other professionals, and yet immediately return back to work.

My biggest fear was how everyone, like clockwork, returned back to their duties despite witnessing this firsthand - yet I couldn’t find any sort of emotion to place onto this entire situation. 

To be a doctor means to understand that life, all life, comes to a definitive end. To be a doctor means explaining this concept to the family in the waiting room.